Collistar Uomo Crema Gel Energizzante Antirughe Antifatica 50 ml + Dopobarba Pelli Sensibili 15 ml




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Un’innovativa specialità espressamente studiata per l’uomo d’oggi, quotidianamente esposto a stress, inquinamento, repentini sbalzi di umidità e temperatura. La sua formula abbina le vitamine A, B5 ed E al prezioso CellActive® Men che energizza e conferisce compattezza alla pelle. Cancella lo stress e il tipico grigiore cittadino, proteggendo la pelle dalle aggressioni climatiche e ambientali. Ricarica la pelle di energia, cancella i segni di fatica e previene rughe e segni d'espressione. CONSIGLI D' USO: Stendere su viso e collo (evitando il contorno occhi), mattina e/o sera.

Collistar Uomo Energizing Cream Gel 50 ml + Sensitive Skin Aftershave 15 ml

For a face that is always toned and vital, an exclusive product developed for today’s man, who every day is exposed to the stress of a frenetic life and aggression by pollution, smog, sudden changes in humidity and temperature. The result of long research, its formula combines Vitamins A, B5 and E with CellActive® Men, a new generation patented complex which energizes, reinforces and recompacts the skin.

The long-lasting hydration ensured by the revolutionary ‘molecular film’ that retains the intercellular moisture is intensive and highly advanced, guaranteeing the optimum moisture balance in any climatic and environmental condition. Fresh, lightweight and very easily absorbed, as soon as it is applied it cancels stress and the greyness typical of living in the city, from the face.

Used on a daily basis, it revitalizes and boosts the defences of the skin and prevents ageing and the formation of wrinkles. It does not contains alcohol or parabens and is suitable even for delicate Skin. Ideal for those who like very easily absorbed textures.

Inside the box you’ll find also Sensitive Skin After Shave in a handy 15ml size.


Apply every night to a perfectly clean face and neck.