Alyssa Ashley Essence de Patchouli eau de parfum 10 ml spray




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PURE AND NATURAL Puro, naturale e molto sensuale, ricorda le erbe e i boschi dopo una dolce pioggia d'estate. Espressamente studiata per le donne che amano la natura e vogliono portare avanti lo stile di vita e le credenze degli anni '60, quando Patchouli è stato stabilito come l'emblema della generazione Peace & Love.

Alyssa Ashley Essence de Patchouli eau de parfum 10 ml spray

Adonis made Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself, fall in love with him. The myth tells us he was so beautiful that he dazzled everyone who cast eyes on him, leaving them speechless, so astonished were they by his looks.

Patchouli perfume has the same effect, conquering the senses and easing tension, giving us confidence and letting us love ourselves, it offers a powerful trigger not only for the perceptions of others , but also our own. It does nothing by halves, an arresting weapon of allure, it sets the air on fire.

Whoever wears this sensual and potent fragrance must be prepared to be pleasing to others, but above all, to themselves. It magnifies their personality, which doesn’t whisper but shouts its enthusiasm for life, for joy, to give joy, to be admired and to admire oneself. Don’t be surprised at its ability to set off a flood of emotions.