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L Oreal Infaillible Mat Max n. 001 silencio




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L'Oréal Makeup Designer presenta l'innovativo rossetto in polvere Mat Max by Infaillible. Grazie alla sua formula in polvere arricchita da pigmenti mat è possibile creare infiniti look in un mix di colori e di riproporzionare i volumi delle labbra grazie all' alternanza tra sfumature delicate e colore intenso. Non sbava e non secca le labbra per un effetto mat che dura fino a 8h*. Grazie all'applicatore in spugna e l'innovativa texture in polvere offre un effetto mat che dura fino a 8h*.  (* Punteggio clinico su 27 donne)

Work the matte trend with our 1st make-up designer lip pen. Sculpt and blend your way to infinite looks from gradient to ombre to full bold colour.
Enriched with micro-oils for a velvet-soft feel for up to 8 hours.
Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen:
A sponge applicator to blend and blur the colour + a precision tip to sculpt the contours of your lip.
Design your look:
Step 1: Press the sponge applicator into the lid which holds the matte colour.
For the Ombre look: Create the appearance of fuller lips in an instant, using two tones to highlight and give depth.
Apply your favourite shade to the outer edges of your lip and blend gradually into the centre, creating a gradient from dark to light.
Leave the inner cushion of your lips lighter or bare to reflect where the light would naturally hit for a true ombre effect.
For the Two-Tone Ombre look: Mix two contrasting colours together with the darkest shade on the outer lip and the lighter shade on the inner lip for the ultimate on-trend look.
For the Bold Matte look:  Apply evenly across the lip, using the precision tip to highlight the lip contours for a perfectly sculpted pout.
Designer Tip
Apply concealer onto your lips before