Miller Harris Blousy eau de parfum 100 ml



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Un flirt delizioso e malinconico in un favoloso profumo cinematografico di rosa centrifugata con liquore alla fragola. Note di testa: Pepe rosa, semi di coriandolo, Davana, cannella, mandarino verde Note di Cuore: Iris Concrete, Viola, Rosa assoluta Marocco, Olio di rosa Turchia, Garofano, Biancospino, Liquore alla fragola Note di Fondo: fava tonka, sandalo, muschio di quercia, vaniglia

A delicious and wistful flirtation in a fabulously cinematic perfume of rose swirling with strawberry liqueur.

Juicy, fresh strawberries intertwine with the dark, candied beauty of rose to create a swirling shade of rouge in the deepest hue. Like burgundy red lips, Blousy leaves a lasting impression, marking the air with a bold signature of fruits and flowers which is distinct and unforgettable.   

Blousy is a full and voluptuous perfume where berries and rose dissolve into darkness, enveloped by the richness of cashmere and the smoothness of woods, creating a charismatic ode to the 1930’s glamour.

All Miller Harris products are vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes. We use high levels of natural raw materials.