Alyssa Ashley Musk Shower Gel 750 ml bagno schiuma

Alyssa Ashley Musk Shower Gel 750 ml bagno schiuma


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Una formulazione molto particolare, che unisce centinaia di ingredienti tra i migliori del mondo per creare la fragranza calda e sensuale che conosciamo e amiamo.

The success of MUSK is due to its very special formulation, which blends over one hundred of the world's finest ingredients to create the warm, sexy fragrance we know and love.
Alyssa Ashley Musk is of course a unisex fragrance, and nowhere is this emphasized more strongly than on the contemporary packaging. Strong glossy black symbolizes the male aspect and bright soft white the feminine, they are bonded together by a fine line of gold and easily recognized by Ashley's distinctive gender symbols. The intertwined male and female logo is recognized and revered all over the world.
The spirit of Alyssa Ashley Musk is captured by a sexy shot, showing a couple who is clearly having fun. The intimacy is clear for all to see, the situation is obviously “Dangerous but fun.”


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